Monday, 5 November 2007

Moe's hat

Moe wanthed another hat - he chose the colours and the stripes and all (so it's basically his fault! ;)

It's not too good when it comes to keeping out wind and such. I'll do another when I get the time for it.

Yarn: DROPS Alpaca
Skeins: 0.75 or just about
Needles: 5.0 mm, dbp
Start to finish: November 2007
For: Moe

Baby Bibs!

Thank God for inferior yarn leftovers from the local supermarket! These bibs are so easy to do. So I usually make one if I want to see a film, talk to my sweet Moe AND be very crafty at the same time :)

Mohair Shawl

Another shawl.

Yarn: Mohair
Skeins: just over 2
Needles: 4.0 mm
Start to finish: September - October 2007
For: me