Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Auction - 'sock it to me scarf' and basic tam

I'm lucky to have a great ravelry friend who lives in California. Some weeks ago (or has it been months already?) she sent some things to me; some that I really needed, e.g. a cable needle size 7mm - impossible to come by in Denmark - and some not so needed but much more interesting and entertaining, e.g. a CD with the music she listens to at the moment, nice :) I was so delighted when I opened the package! And because I really thought that it was something special, I wanted to pay her back. But my Californian ravelry friend didn't want money or anything else for herself. Instead she suggested that I could donate something for the upcoming charity auction - great idea! I'm in - and here are a couple of the pieces I'm sending off to the US...

I hope my contributions will do well :)

Elderflower skirt

The designer behind the pattern for 'Hyld' (Elderflower) is Ruth Sørensen. I fell in love with the pattern the first time I saw it - and since I was looking for something a little bigger than a scarf but not a cardigan or anything else with two sleeves, it seemed like the perfect project to dig into. I like the fact that not only does Ruth know everything about design, knitting, weaving - she also understands that it must be fun to make! The idea behind 'Hyld' is that you can use whatever yarn you have lying around. You don't even have to make a swatch! This fact alone must make the pattern extremely appealing to a lot of knitters out there.

The skirt was fun to knit - in fact I think I might knit another one. Heaven knows I have enough yarn (enough yarn = enough yarn for this particular project.... otherwise, there's never enough, but being a real Knitter, you knew that, right?).

Monday, 7 July 2008

Knit Day


Even though it wasn't a huge event like the WWKIP day, I think this very down to earth, semi-public knit day was a great success. At around 11 a.m the doorbell rang and four happy knitters joined me for a nice, relaxing day in the garden. The weather was so good. We tried to escape the sun because it actually got a bit much - the shade was perfect, however.

The lovely knitters all deserve a proper introduction. So here they are......

These two ladies are the fabulous Inge and the wonderful Nina - both ravelers knitting away! :)

And these two lovely ladies - also ravelers, of course - are the sweet Lise and the all-time enthusiastic Kirsten :) I still feel sorry for Kirsten - the baby cardi she was making, drove her half mad and she ended up frogging the entire thing. She had been knitting for hours and hours.... poor thing. Well, she is skilled and a fast knitter, and I'm sure she'll be okay soon :)

The four of them - knitting, enjoying the nice weather.

We knitted, chatted and had a bite to eat. Lise brought a homemade cake to the table (litterally) and life was good. This cannot possibly be the one and only time I'll be hosting a semi-public knit day. Let me know if I should call you the next time! ;)