Friday, 21 May 2010

Copenhagen - tour de yarn

I took the day off. I didn't really have the time for it, which made me feel slightly guilty but once in a while you just need some time off. Together with my good friend, Tina, I went to Copenhagen to cuddle yarn and spend money. Copenhagen is a 3 hour drive away. We went by train - mainly because we wanted to knit to and fro :) We got on the train at 7 in the morning, bought ourselves a cup of tea and such and began knitting and chatting away. Half an hour later two middle-aged women joined us; they too had their eye on Copenhagen. And all the way there they quilted and chatted with us and with each other. Perfect setting!Once we arrived in Copenhagen, we were starving and decided to have brunch before anything else. We went to the H.C. Andersen Café just across the railway station. Nice place, nice food and not too expensive :)

Sommerfuglen was next on the list. Books, magasines and yarns were scrutinised. I wanted some basic cotton for a summer top but unfortunately they had only 5 balls left of that particular colour.

Tina, excited about Sommerfuglen.

Oh well. Instead I bought Nectar by Kim Hargreaves. At first I thought I'd just borrow it from a friend, but I liked it so much I had to have it. Know the feeling? :)

Nectar contains 21 lovely designs - I think I'll make a handful of them over time.

After another cup of tea and after purchasing a little orange something for Moe (he loves gadgets), Tina and I continued on to the next yarn shop: Gepard Garn. A nice shop with nice staff. I treated myself with 8 balls of Gepard Cotton Wool and two 100 g skeins of Opal Indigo.

Cotton Wool for me - and Indigo for Tristan.

Last but not least we visited Wilfert's - a shop with its own yarns and patterns mixed with what other shops carry. (And right before that I found a rather expensive but perfect dress along with a pair of fancy shoes, Tina smashed her iPhone by dropping it on a concrete floor while buying a sweatshirt for her son - we completed the ironic situation with taking silly pictures.

Tina at Wilfert's.

And then we had some more tea! We desperately needed to sit down and relax for a bit. It was very warm, and we had been walking forever and ever. Tired feet and thursty mouths led us to Tante T.

We didn't have time to eat lunch so by the end of the day we got some Thai take away instead. Nice! I luuuuve Thai food. After eating about half of it we hurried to the station, got on the train and knitted all the way back. I was home at 11 p.m. Needless to say I was knackered.

Monday, 17 May 2010

Princess Mary's Shawl

When the Danish crown princess and crown prince had their children babtised the babies where carried wrapped in a shawl Princess Mary got from her mother - I believe it was originally a Shetlandic design (probably from Unst, to be exact).

Cecilie, who I used to go to school with, is having her first child in 15 days, which happens to be my birthday too. She asked me if I would be interested in making this quite famous 'Mary shawl' for her baby (she would pay me and all). Since I had been thinking about making this very shawl just for the fun of it, I agreed. And it was fun to knit! :) It's huge so it takes around 100 hours to make. Consider yourself warned.

Today I handed it over to Cecilie; she seemed to be very pleased with the result.

I forgot to weigh it but I think it's just around 300 g. It's made with Arwetta Extra Fine Merino, which is very soft and a nice yarn to work with.