Saturday, 31 May 2008

Who's counting?

In around 10 minutes it's 30 years since my mother had me. It's a bit difficult to understand that I'm no longer the target audience when it comes to night clubs, my physician warnes my that I should have some kids before it's too late, and I have grey hair - not a head full of them, but still. I don't panic or hate being this 'old', I just don't know exactly what to make of it.

What's the best thing about being in your 30s?

Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Owl Socks

These socks gave me hell! The first one was done in a matter of days - the other one took a month! The second and very stubborn sock just wouldn't let me have it my way. If you count the times I have been forced to frog it and then re-knit it, I must have knit this [insert appropriate adjectives of your own choice](!!!) sock a zillion times! Never ever have I knit anything that made me spew out that many very very unladylike words - but believe me, this pair of evil socks deserves every syllable!

And to Beth, who wanted these socks in the first place: sorry it took a freaking eternity! Fortunately, you'll love them way more than I do ;)


Pattern: Owl Knee-Socks
Yarn: Marks & Kattens, ECO babybomull - 100% ecological cotton, undyed
Skeins: almost 1 pr. sock
Needles: 3.00
Start to finish: ... let's not go there!
For: Beth, but I fear that it's too late, since she needed them for her final exam at the design school in Kolding - poor thing.

Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Summer Cardigan

Hint: cotton on needles 2.5 mm. This project calls for a lot of patience - I have no idea why I have taken this on! I fear that this summer project will be finish in, say, November. I'll keep knitting as if it's still possible to finish it while it's still warm.


My finger hurts - why? Actually, I don't know. It began on Saturday. I had been knitting, then I went downstairs to clean the loo. Five-ten minutes later I felt something in my finger and looked down. As I was looking at it, it swelled and turned very blue. Half an hour later it began to tinkle and hurt. I phoned the emergency service and they asked me to come to the emergency ward right away. Moe and I waited for almost an hour - precious knitting time completely wasted.
I was not far from sleeping when a nurse called my name. The doctor - a very nice man probably in his mid or late 60s - asked if I had been playing handball or something, which was not the case. He said that my finger was a very typical 'ball finger' - it had suffered an injury that many ball players face at some point. He also said that to get a finger that bruised you'd have to hit i hard in one quick backward motion. I really don't recall hitting my finger. You'd remember a thing like that, wouldn't you?
I'll be just fine - I only worry about knitting. I can still knit but not too well. It's a good thing you - as a knitting - rely on both hands and not just one stupid finger :) Holding a pencil is a whole other story!

Thursday, 22 May 2008

Ready to go


I'll wrap it up nicely and give the lot away tomorrow - Lea's father is one of my colleagues, so unfortunately I won't get to see Lea - or Lea's mother - when I hand it over. I'll go bug them all some other time :)

The baby cap was the 'little extra', you know :)

Pattern: ravelry once again proofed to be a good friend
Yarn: Hjertegarn, 50% cotton and 50% acrylic - so soft
Skeins: close to 1
Needles: 3.00
Start to finish: dunno - it took about a week or so.... in May.... this year
For: Lea

A red cardigan for Lea


The cardigan is done. I'm not completely satisfied with the outcome. In spite of the fact that I made sure all the yarn came from the same dye lot, the cardigan looks as if I had made an attempt to ignore dye lot numbers as much as possible! Not good. I'll give it to Lea anyway - she probably won't mind. It's for a 1.5/2-year-old, which means that she will be too small or the cardigan will be too big. Either way, the two of them will fit each other at some point :)

Pattern: a pattern with no name from 'Strik til de små', vol. 8.
Yarn: idena Cotton Lux
Skeins: 4.5
Needles: 3.0 I think
Start to finish: May 5 to May 18
For: Lea (I'm one of her godmothers, that's why)


I finished the cardigan - yay! :) I plan on using it as some sort of summer jacket on chilly days and nights. It was a joy to knit and even though it took quite some time to finish, I wouldn't mind making another one similar to it. The yarn is extremely soft.... and warm. I know it's supposed to be - it is woll, after all, but still. Since Moe wasn't here when I felt the urge to perpetuate it, I had to both wear the cardigan and take the pictures of it, so you'll have to excuse the poor artistic quality of the visual evidence.


Pattern: Frost Flower, 'Feminin Strik' by Lene Holme Samsøe
Yarn: Cool Wool 2000, colour 413
Skeins: around 18 = 900 g
Needles: 3 + 3.5
Start to finish: February 5 to May 20.
For: moi
Overall judgement: it's my new best friend :)

Friday, 9 May 2008

Kim Hargreaves - Demi

Finally, my 7 balls of Rowan Scottish Tweed arrived. I've been waiting quite a while - but no matter, it's here now. I have to be honest, I won't be knitting this lovely aran sweater right away. I have another Rowan project up my sleeve (I'll tell you about it some other time, okay?). As a matter of fact, I have a lot of projects laid out before me. If only I had eight sets of hands.


Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Lea's blouse - progress

I've been rather focused on the cardigan for Lea. Two reasons: 1) I want her to have it soon because the weather is nice and warm, and she'll need something cool to wear, and 2) At the SSS meeting next Wednesday I'll need a garment that hasn't yet been sewed together. Fandango-Sys is showing everyone how to sew and give the knitted pieces a perfect finish.

I think I'm around one third into the project, maybe a little more than that. Here it is...

Monday, 5 May 2008

Backyard Leaves


This one I'm knitting in this super soft wool / silk blend, which I really love. The pattern was a hard nut to crack - nowhere did it say where to begin! I did it wrong a few times, then right a few times, then some more wrongs and finally I got it :) You might think: "How hard can it be?" - "Very hard!", my answer would be ;)

Mossy green.... mmmm!

Lea's blouse


Lea who's the daughter of a friend, deserves a summer blouse and I have decided to make it for her. Her mother, Jani, likes red a lot, and since I have nothing against red, well, so be it.... red :)

I thought it was worth making a swatch - beaming red, right?

A sigh of relief!

I don't think there's really any way that I can possibly explain to you just how relieved I am right now! But imagine yourself waiting for cannibals to eat you alive, you lie there with carrots between your toes, spices all over and there are chips on the side too - and then suddenly, you're rescued!

Fandango had another ball of yarn for me - the right colour and the right dye lot, sweeeeet! :)

I'm picking it up this afternoon (I mean, what if there's another "me" out there who walks in and claims MY ball of perfect wool?! - we don't want that to happen...).

My cardigan will love me, and I will love it right back Y

Sunday, 4 May 2008

What's your name?

Ever so often I attend these knitting sessions; random ones and the ones 'Seriøs Strik for Sjov' host. The other knitters are very nice people but I only know a few of their names. It's not as if it's very important to know - still, it would be nice if I did know their names. It would also eliminate the use of phrases such as: "the lady with brown hair who's currently knitting a green sock..", or "Hello you there with the yellow hat in the making". 'Ruth' or 'Joan' would be a lot shorter and easier :) I hope some - if not all of them - will make a name tag for themselves. I'll not tell them to do so, I'll just make one for myself :)

Out of yarn


Yesterday I went to another knitting get-together and I had brought my denim blue cardi along with me. As I was knitting away it soon became very clear that I would be out of yarn - at least for that particular project - before the cardigan was finished.
To be quite honest it has happened before. Actually, I stopped counting the times I've gone back to Fandango for more blue wool. I even feel a little embarrassed that it's a topic every time I speak to Fandango-Sys (the owner of the LYS). So being used to this situation should somehow make the whole thing less stressful, right? No such thing. The problem is that 1) the last time I went down to Fandango I believe I took the very last right colour and dye lot ball of the much wanted yarn, and 2) today it's Sunday, so I can't even defy the increasing level of embarrassment and phone Fandango-Sys.... again. Tomorrow, however, it will once again be Monday. Usually I don't care too much for Mondays - but I think I'll make an exception this one time :)

Just in case you were wondering how things are with the cardigan itself...

So, what do you think? I like it.