Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Satisfied Costumer - Lea

I believe the cap I made for Lea last year is stuck to her head for good - I've seen only one picture where she does NOT wear it :)

Lea, cute with and without the cap, and her dad :)

Rown Lenpur Linen

I went over to Lise's place about a week after my birthday - and surprise! She had bought me a present \o/

Lenpur Linen is on the needles! :)

Shibui Sock - here we go again

This is probably the 4th time I knit a sock with this yarn. For reasons unknown I seem to have a bit of trouble actually knitting a wearable sock with this otherwise lovely yarn. Could it be cursed?
I thought I would be going for a Cookie A. pattern this time, but instead I chose a pattern by Jennifer L. Appleby found in my new "Favorite Socks - 25 Timeless Designs from INTERWEAVE" book.


After enjoying the luxury of a lovely (and expensive) brunch down town, Lise and I headed up to the town museum. A few other knitters had made their way up there as well. We began knitting and soon after more knitters joined us. There where many familiar faces but also a couple of new ones - very nice.
Lise and Nina - chatting, not knitting ;)

Bente, Agnete, Majke, Inger and an unknown artist :)

Knitters knitting away!

Unfortunately, I had to leave early. My parents-in-law were celebrating their 25th anniversary, and the day before WWKIP day it was decided that we should turn up early, so the family could have their picture taken before all the guests arrived.
Ever since they sent out the invitation I had made it crystal clear that under no circumstances would I be able to arrive hours before all the other guest; somehow I lost that 'battle'..... major disappointment!

I did enjoy the two hours of WWKIP day, though :)

However, next year I simply refuse to participate in anything other than WWKIP day that particular day. I don't care if you decide to get married or something... I WON'T BE COMING!

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Baby Twins

My friend, Christina, is pregnant with twins - both girls. She claims to be huge, and I'll go see for myself next Sunday :) Using stash yarn (a total of 37 g) I made a little something for the babies.

The hats will be quite big for some time, but they will fit once we reach October or November, I think.
Again I used Ingelise Strømpegarn, and the pattern is called Djevellue (Devil's cap in Norwegian) and can be found here.

Nutkin Socks - before frogging

I can't seem to knit a proper pair of socks with this green Shibui sock yarn that I love so much. I've spent hours knitting but the result is not really useful in any way. Several times I tried to finish the Spring Forward socks - that didn't work out. I simply could not get back on track after having finished the heel flap - why? dunno. So after getting really frustrated I frogged that and decided to try a completely different pattern - the Nutkin. I thought the pattern and yarn would go hand in hand together and I knitted like mad for a couple of days. When trying it on frustration came right back to me: it does not fit AT ALL. It's way too tight and mind you, I have a narrow, bony foot, and I've done exactly what the pattern said. And still - it just doesn't fit. Could it be that my green Shibui love is cursed?!

The Nutkin will be frogged too. No doubt. I'll wait for Sock Innovation by Cookie A. to turn up on my doorstep, and when it does (they said 3-5 workdays from now) I'll decide on yet another pattern.

Thursday, 4 June 2009


It looked old, but what do I know....

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

I love my garden!

And on:

Friday, July 3rd from around 2 p.m.
you are more than welcome to come sit in it and knit :)
There will be tea, coffee, cake and fruit.

If you plan to show up, please send me an email (guinstuff AT hotmail DOT com), or send me a PM on ravelry :)

I'll be looking forward to seeing you all!

Monday, 1 June 2009

Rowan Summer Tweed Ms. Marigold

I frogged the project that I was originally working on with the lovely Summer Tweed from Rowan. Mainly because I stumble across a pattern called Ms. Marigold, which I really liked. I paid the usual $6 for the pattern and knit the whole thing within 3-4 days.
I had four skeins of creamy white yarn and bought an extra two skeins of sand to finish the edges. So another 200 g out of the good ol' stash.

I'm not completely 'over the moon' here - I wanted a tighter fit, but once I wash it and such things might look better. Not that I don't like the end result - I do - and I'll wear this little sucker when it cools down a bit. Though the yarn is 70% silk and 30% cotton it's still too warm for this very nice weather the gods have granted us these days :)

Another year went by

I had such a perfect birthday. The weather was brilliant!
I spent the day with Moe, my parents and my neighbor. We had coffee and cake in the garden under our apple tree, and later on tuna steaks followed by ice cream on the sunny terrace. I received overwhelmingly many texts on my mobile, and Moe and I ended the day at a friend's place; we had a handful of drinks washed down with 80's and 90's club hits (God, I hated those songs!). All in all, everything I wanted for my birthday :)

I got this gift certificate from Moe - nice! :)

And this is the birthday present from me to me! Thank you, me :)
I bought it a couple of days ago. The setting was perfect: my birthday was just around the corner AND I was feeling a bit sorry for myself - I my world that means yarny stuff is coming my way.