Monday, 30 March 2009

Cabled V-Neck Slipover - Debbie Bliss

Two years ago my sister-in-law bought 20 balls of yarn because she wanted to knit a pullover. Her first. Unfortunately it was too much for her since she didn't know how to knit at the time. In the meantime she has learned how to knit and purl (that's really all there is to it, right?), but the pullover is still a much too big a project for her.
She then asked me if I would knit something for her with the yarn she bought back then - of course I couldn't say no. She chose the Debbie Bliss pullover from the Vogue Knitting, fall/winter 08 edition.

I keep telling Moe that my face is not photogenic enough to be included in these pictures but apparently he doesn't listen to me :) oh well.

The yarn used for this pullover is a cotton/wool/acrylic blend called Kreta. Not quite soft enough for my taste but it was actually alright for this type of project I think. The whole piece was knit with two strands of yarn. Though it does give the pullover a nice touch, it also makes it a bit heavy.

Speaking of weight. I forgot to weigh the little sucker - I was so busy finishing it, wrapping it, and giving it to my SIL that I forgot all about yarn usage. Silly me. A good thing you can weigh the yarn you have left instead :)
The pullover weighs 800 g.

About the pattern. There's an error and I sort of noticed but thought to myself that I was probably being a little too smart, so I desided to follow the pattern to the letter. I shouldn't have. When the pullover was almost finished I found the error mentioned on the Debbie Bliss website. You probably know where things went wrong, just in case you don't: it's the cable itself. At the very top the pattern said: "blah blah hold to back of work" where it should have said: "hold to front of work".

At one point I thought about re-doing the cable but then I decided not to. Much easier ;)

I like the result, and on the way home from my SIL's birthday she sent me a text saying: "the pullover fits perfectly! Thanks! :)". Mission accomplished.

Saturday, 14 March 2009

Making arrangements....

I'm about to tire you with some more Shetland stuff, so here's your chance to get away in time ;)

I've bought the plane tickets, booked a room for 5 nights at a B&B in the centre of Lerwick, I've contacted a car rental agency, and I've told Connie from Lerwick when I expect to come visit her at the LYS. I have even tried to make a small list of the things to see and places to visit while I'm there. Moe has agreed to lent me his camera and I have located my rain jacket. I sort of know where my pasport is and sooner rather than later I'll do a quick search for the GBPs we have lying around in the house (a couple of days ago I found a tenner in the car - weird). This should mean that I'm as ready as you can expect me to be, right? :)
Obviously I'll bring my needles (and a little yarn too) and my running gear (still training for the Hamburg Marathon).
It's been around ten years since I went abroad on my very own. It will be strange somehow, but also nice. I need this - you know, to recharge.

Have I forgotten something? Are there places I simply have to visit? Are there knitting related events I cannot miss? Let me know :)