Sunday, 23 October 2011

Crocus for Birdie

Birdie, being member of a vegan family, is not a wool bearing child. I've searched high and low for a natural plant fiber yarn with the same - or almost the same - qualities as those of wool. It has not been easy. So far I've bought only cotton and a bamboo blend. Here's my contribution in 100% cotton - say hello to Crocus by Helga Isager.

Instead of using the original yarn I used Safran from Drops (raspberry red) and Alba (lime green) on 3.5 mm needles. I chose a size 2 years because Birdie is already 7 months old and the only sizes available by Helga Isager are 6 month, 2 years and 3 years (a bit odd, if you ask me). I had to recalculate everything since my gauge was way off. But I'm okay with that - I love it when I figure it out anyway :)

Un poncho para mi!

 I didn't expect it but this poncho was so much fun to knit; I can understand if you don't quite believe me, though. But the whole adding stitches and changing colour is so compelling! :) I began during my stay in Iceland in August and finished last weekend, which isn't too bad, in my opinion. There are five different colours - all of them Evilla yarn except the royal blue, which is Kauni yarn. I used my Addi 3.5 mm dpns - the pattern calls for two 80 cm dpns but there is no way that you can fit 396 sts on an 80 cm needle! Take from me; it won't work! Anyway, I did the rim on my Addi 3.0 mm dpn and I think the result is lovely. I thought the neckline was on the loose side, so I crocheted two rounds of dc.