Thursday, 29 January 2009

Shetland - here I come

You wouldn't believe it if I told exactly how difficult it is to get a ticket from Denmark to Shetland - so I won't! But trust me, it was difficult alright!! I got Moe to help me, we wrote almost all flights down (yes, all flights in the world!) and search the entire Internet. And finally, I got my tickets at a reasonable price even.
I'll be leaving on April 5 and return the following Saturday - April 12 or something.
Now I need to find a place to stay. Judging from the amount of time spent looking for plane tickets, my guess is that there won't be any other people anywhere near Shetland so I'm not in a hurry :)
But if you do know the perfect place to stay near Lerwick, do tell :)

6 days of knitting... I can't wait to go!!! :D


I'm the busiest bee ever these days. In fact it's too much! I'm stressed out but I'll have to hang in there for another month. There's just nothing I can do about it so I might as well get the best out of the situation. And there are good things about it :)
For example! Earlier today I was notified that tomorrow is the day we've all been waiting for - at least if you work here. Or if you have invested a ton of money in the project. Anyway, tomorrow it is 'test-launch of the first prototype wave plane-day'. That is in itself very exiting and I'm really looking forward to seeing this huge lump of metal plunge to the sea.

In the wake of this test-launch there's a bonus. A knitting bonus. The event will take place around 50 km away from my house, and I'll be driven there, which means.... yes, you guessed it.... I'll be knitting to and fro. We are talking around 90 minutes of knitting with pay here! :)

See! 2009 is already looking bright! :)

Monday, 26 January 2009


So I called to ask about my Vogue Knitting magazines.
I suspected they would tell me that a) my magazine was lost in the mail, or b) it's on its way. However, that's not exactly how it went.
The guy from tells me that they have had a lot of problems with Vogue Knitting; about 50% of the magazines never reached the end-user. And because it had been such a hassle for such a long time, they didn't even sell those magazines anymore. Great! :(
Originally Vogue Knitting was sent directly to me from the UK. The weirdest thing is that some 'clever' person in the UK decided that 'no, I won't send the actual Vogue Knitting, I'll give her this 'Knit 1' instead - she obviously likes knitting a lot, so I guess she won't mind the least freakin' bit'.... or something.
I should probably mention something good by now....
Okay, the good thing here is that they never charged me for these random magazines.
Back to the bad stuff: I still want my Vogue Knitting!!!

Sunday, 25 January 2009

Knit 1 vs. Vogue Knitting

No, this is not a review on the two knitting magazines Knit 1 and Vogue Knitting. The thing is that a few days ago I got this Knit 1 fall/winter edition in the mail. It came from from where I usually get my Vogue Knitting. The strangest thing is that I really don't recall having ordered this otherwise nice magazine. I checked my account to see if I did it in my sleep. No such thing seems to have happened. The next strangest thing is that the Vogue Knitting winter edition hasn't arrived yet. Did run out of Vogue magazines and then decided that I would do just fine with a Knit 1 instead?
For obvious reasons I want the magazine I actually ordered. If I can have the Knit 1 for free I won't say no. I'll call tomorrow.
Plant and view of the morning - say hello :)

Val Gardena

January 10, I went on ski holiday with Moe and my dad. My mother was left behind since her knee was badly damaged last year and she's still recovering.
The three of us went to Val Gardena, Italy; same as last year, the year before that and so on. I love those holidays.
Before heading out to the airport I made sure that all knitting related stuff was packed carefully in my suitcase. Arriving in the Dolomites I suddenly came to realize that my brain had left the building while the rest of me had been packing! I forgot yarn for my scarf in progress and I failed to bring the wires for my Knit Pick needles!! Fortunately I still had my Spring Forward sock and another unholy sock on the needles with me.
The whole thing did make me feel sort of naked, so I went into town and asked around for knitting needles. In St. Christina there's this store called Maciaconi and in the downstairs shop that carries kitchen utensils, books and magazines, sewing gear and toys, the most grumpy lady ever seem to spend most of her working hours (please retire, please!). This time around she was as grumpy as ever but I was prepared! Without hesitation in my mind, in German I asked her if they also carried knitting needles and if not, if she knew where I could find some. For about a split second she looked up and answered my question in a harsh tone: "Ortisei!!".
I quietly thanked her and skedaddled.
Ortisei is not too far away from St. Christina but you have to drive there. It meant that I would have to convince my dad and Moe that our holiday would be ruined if we didn't go.
We actually did go to Ortisei a couple of times: Sunday and all shops where closed. Tuesday and I still didn't know what knitting needles were called in Italian.
I never did get to buy any Italian knitting needles, but I did find out what chose seemingly forgettable tools are called in Italian (ferri da maglia). The person who was kind enough to enlighten me on that subject was from Scotland! The chances of meeting someone from Scotland in the Alps who even lives and works there must be 1:1,000,000,000. I felt so good to be able to communicate without searching for words all the time.
After all this one should think that I finished both pair of socks, right? Not even close. I hardly knitted at all.
Instead I did this:

Yup, it's me with my arms out in the air.

For unknown reasons...

I decided to make this pair of socks. They are size EU 26/27 and I don't even know any kids with feet that size. The socks are made with 'Sock Wool' from 'Hjertegarn. It's a 75% wool and 25% polyamide blend. Not the softest in the world, if you ask me. Soft enough, though. They weigh 34 g. I should probably go for 'more' and 'bigger' if I'm to reach 5,000 g before the end of the year.

Friday, 23 January 2009

Come and knit at my house!

If you like, you're more than welcome to come and knit with me and the other crazy knitters who may show up - be here February 7, 2009. It's a Saturday and I'll open the front door after 12:30. Be sure to have a full stomach when you arrive, since I'll be knitting and not cooking. Sorry.
I will, however, make sure there will be snacks and drinks! :)
Also, bring your own yarn; you may look and perhaps even touch my yarn.... we'll see ;)
You are also more than welcome to bring all other knitting related items, e.g. books, magazines, your newest needles, etc. (sheep will have to stay in the yard, I'm afraid - but don't let that stop you).

So, toss me an email ( or write a comment if you'd like to come.

Happy knitting!

Saturday, 3 January 2009

By the way!

I know that there are knit nights around in caf├ęs and yarn shops, etc. But that doesn't mean that there are too many knit nights, does it? So preferably in February (first or second Saturday of the month) I intend to host a private knitting 'event' of some sort. To make things a bit easier for me - and more demanding on your part - I might suggest that you bring something to the 'dinner table', e.g. biscuits. Knitters low on sugar..... yikes! Oh, and bring your own knitting. I know I have a huge stash of yarn but it's not up for grabs! So far, so good. If you think this sounds at all appealing and you actually consider showing up, please let me know which Saturday of the two above-mentioned days you'd prefer. And please let me know if you DO show up :)

Back to the actual knitting.

Roger over and out.

Goals for 2009

I thought that if I make a top ten list of the things I must do in 2009 I won't forget to actually do them :)

In random order.....

1) Destash at least 5 kg of yarn. It's especially important that I knit up a great deal of my sock yarn since our house is flooded with sock yarn. Must knit socks, yes.
2) Complete the Hamburg Marathon in April. I've started training; today I'll do a 10 k run though it's freeeeeeeeeezin' cold!
3) Work less, knit more.
4) Visit Shetland. I can't wait to go! I'll arrive on April 4 if everything goes as planned - and leave a week after.
5) Knit the Spiral Yoke Pullover for Moe before spring is here. The yarn is on its way from the US.
6) Take more knitting classes. I sort of know how to knit but there's so much I don't know and I'm longing for someone to tell me :)
7) Finish an object each month. I've joined the '12 Projects' group on ravelry, you see. This is also a part of my destashing plans.
8) Knit something special for my mother; right now I'm thinking bag or shawl. Either way the end result must be fancy and flawless.
9) Knit a dress for myself. Hello Phildar.
10) Try vegan fibers. I want to be able to provide vegan friends with all the great things you would normally make out of wool.

Thursday, 1 January 2009

Happy New Year

First of all I should let you know that I didn't know if I should write these words or not. But I decided that this blog is almost like a marriage; we share it all. So here goes.

More than anything I've been looking forward to 2009. Not because great things will happen in 2009 - though I'm sure they will - but because 2008 has been almost intolerable, I'm afraid.
Had it not been for good things such as knitting I would probably have lost my mind :)

From left to right in three rows:
1) Susanne eating a watermelon. I had to say goodbye to her when she passed away in March. We have done so many things together; worked together, lived together, traveled together, everything. It still breaks my heart that she's not here anymore.
2) Susanne's 2 and a half month old baby was baptised four days later; the party was canceled.
3) My granddad, and his common-law wife. My granddad - one of the best people I know - was diagnosed with parkinson's disease and now he is in constant pain.

4) My brother and his wife; well.... I had to cut them out of my life. They're just not good company.
5) My parents (on silly chairs in Italy) had a hard time too.
6) My co-workers and I after a relay with thousands of participants. It liftet my spirit.
7) A yarn shop in Paris. I had been looking forward to visit this shop - unfortunately it was closed even though the sign on the door said it was open!
8) Moe and I in the Eiffel Tower in Paris in November. It was a good trip and God knows we needed that.
9) My cousin with his newborn baby Smilla. In November Smilla died 9 weeks old. It crushed my family and nothing has been the same since.
10) My parents moved into their new apartment - a huge and fancy place. They deserve it. What a great view, huh?
11) Juster, one of my best friends, who I've known for ever and ever nearly lost his life in the beginning of December, when he had his tonsils removed. Luckily he survived.
12) Ravelry gave me a lot of good times in 2008, e.g. when I received a lovely selection of Christmas goodies in a swap. It made my day.

I'm sorry if I just ruined your otherwise good mood. I KNOW 2009 will be better - I promise!