Wednesday, 5 November 2008


What about Shetland? you may ask. Well, the thing is that ever since Ruth Sørensen told me about her trip to these far away islands I've wanted to go there myself. So April next year I'll pack my knitting bag and go to 'the island of knitting'. I plan to stay there for an entire week; Moe will be in Germany anyway, so no guilt there ;)
Apart from going and then go back home a week later I haven't really made any plans. I was hoping to go by ferry but it seems that's no longer possible, so a flight to Frankfurt, then Edinburgh and then Lerwick it is. I might rent a car when I get there. And where will I stay? You tell me - I hope to find a nice, small a not too expensive b&b. Let me know if you are a Shetland b&b expert :) My time will be spent knitting, searching for other knitters, buying yarn, and enjoying the fact that there's nothing else to do :) Oh, I almost forgot, I will probably go for a few runs. I'll be participating in the Hamburg Marathon on April 26, you see.

Not Easter, not Halloween....

It's about Christmas... but that's nearly all I can say ;) You know: presents, secrets, secret presents.... knitting. Let's discuss this sensitive matter on Ravelry - c u there! :)

Iceland by Stephanie White, vol. 2

It's been done for a while - I've worn it to work twice and I absolutely love it :)
It does leave quite a few fibers on the top underneath but I knew that on beforehand, so I won't complain about it. I just agree with whoever said it would do just that :) I should also mention that due to the 20% kid mohair the result is sooo soft, and the 3/4 sleeves makes it a great deal more practical than it would have been with long sleeves, since you can't roll them up; they are heavy and wide. All in all I'm very pleased :)

Here it is....

Pattern: Iceland by Stephanie White - published in a Rowan magasine not long ago
Yarn: Rowan Cocoon, col. Tundra
Skeins: 9
Needles: 7 mm - they made my hands ache after a while
Start to finish: from September to October, 2008
For: me :)