Friday, 24 July 2009

Tristan Tetsuo Jeremy Fujiwara Andersson

Great names, don't you think? :) They belong to the little guy who got the brown/turquoise cardigan and the light green hat and socks (the cardigan in particular made his mother freak out a bit... in a good way, fortunately).
Tristan and I met for the first time yesterday - I liked him right away and he didn't seem too unhappy with me either. Pheeew! ;) Tristan is only 12 days old but already a charming boy that I will keep knitting for. Needless to say that my knitting bag is now full of browns, greens, blues, etc.

Thursday, 23 July 2009

Babies are good for destashing

So I made another baby cap. I used up all my light green Paton yarn, all my dark grey Regia Silk, which leaves me with just around 20 g of the baby pink sock yarn.

It weighs only 18 g but I am working on slightly larger projects.

To those who may be interested in making one of these caps, here's the pattern! :) It's super easy to make, so jump right into it!

Sunday, 19 July 2009

Another EZSJ

This Surprise Jacket was made with Mimosa yarn, a cotton and acrylic blend from 'Ingelise'. I've had it in my stash forever, and I never knew what to do with it because it's so thick and sturdy. But I think it's alright for a jacket. I don't know about the colours, but hey, I'm destashing here! :)
It took 161 g out of my stash.

Baby Socks and Hat

Jeremy Junior was born a week ago - I still haven't seen him, but I know his mother will appreciate some baby socks for him. I wanted to make a baby cap as well, so why not make it a match.A total of 41 g from the stash.
Note to self: CO 60 stitches to make the straps - needle size 3.0

Friday, 10 July 2009

EZ - Surprise Jacket

Strange but easy! I loved knitting this jacket. On my Knit Picks 4.5 mm needles I used "Roma" yarn from 'Hjertegarn', which is a 50% cotton and 50% acrylic blend. I bought the yarn a couple of years ago; back then I thought the colours were very good together - and I still do. And today I went down town to find some buttons. I've been button hunting lately with little success, but today things went my way. Yay! For reasons unknow I knitted six button holes instead of just five. I did notice almost rigth away, I just couldn't be bothered.

The jacket weighs 131 g - goodbye stash!

Monday, 6 July 2009

Baby Cardi by Drops

This cardigan found on is easy to knit and a delight to look at. Though it is a bit boring at the end with only garter stitches to do the whole way from beginning to end, I might make another sometime soon.

The pattern called for Drops Alpaca - I found four balls of that exact yarn in my stash. Yay!
I used up almost all the yarn, which suits me just fine (destashing, remember?).

The cardigan weighs 115 g

EZ - February Sweater

I've tried to resist Elizabeth Zimmerman's wonderful patterns for so long, and finally I had to give in.
For this project I used an all time favorite, i.e. Lana Grossa Cool Wool 2000 - a super soft superwash merino wool. It comes in many colours, so I always have a hard time picking just one :)

I enjoy this pattern so much that I'm likely to make another February Sweater very soon.

Friday, 3 July 2009

Knitting in the shade

Most of today was spent in the garden. Around 2 p.m. knitters arrived and we all sat under the apple tree knitting while enjoying a cup of coffee and a slice of cake. Helle and Tine, who where both here for the first time, had brought presents! Yarn, pattern and lanterns \o/ A hundred percent unexpected, but super nice! :)

All days ought to be like this one - thanks for coming, my fellow knitters :)


The past week or so has been very warm and sunny. For once I've had time to enjoy life a bit. Last Friday I went down to my granddad's. We chatted away for a good three hours - he's my favorite person in the whole wide world, and we always have things to talk about. And the man understands and appreciates sarcasm along with a lame joke like nobody else :)

A rose in my granddad's garden - isn't it lovely?! :) He had several of them - and he actually dug one up and gave it to me. It's now in my garden struggling with the heat and such. I hope it survives!

Summer in Denmark is the best! I would never dream of going anywhere else on days like this one.