Monday, 25 April 2011

I forgot the pattern

I'm in the process of making a blouse for myself. I went to my parents' summerhouse this Easter and had planned to knit like crazy on that particular project. And then I forgot to bring the pattern, and I'm at the very end of the body, so I really need the pattern. Anyway, I brought a lot of yarn for other not yet specified projects, which turned out to be a life saver. I searched my mac for whatever patterns I had and found a pattern for a tiny slipover. It took me only two days to finish. The buttons were sewed in this morning.

Relaxed rib slipover.

Stretched rib slipover.

I used Arwetta Classic for this project, and this is what was left from one ball of yarn.

I also made a baby cap with Arwetta and Shibui Sock.

Baby Blanket - done!

All stitched up and ready to go into the washing machine.

It went into the washing machine an entire three times; I wanted to control the felting process, so the first time it got 30 C, then 40 C twice. And it turned out just the way I had imagined.

It shrunk about 15% - I expected it to shrink 20% but love the fact that it didn't :)

Soft, fluffy and ready to serve its purpose.

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Keeping it together

I've worked on this blanket on and off for about six months. It has been nice to bring to social events, since it doesn't require a lot of concentration; I can chat, eat, drink AND knit on this project at the same time without being afraid of making any mistakes. I'm not quite done yet, but I'm getting there....

I layed all the squares out - except one - to see if I could organize them in a random looking way.

Originally, I wanted to crochet the whole thing together, but I changed my mind - I wanted a thin seam. Right now I'm half way there.

Tuesday, 19 April 2011


A former colleague is having twins, and before she left us all, Tina and I made gifts for her - or her twins, to be exact; Tina did the cardigans and I did the hats.

Latte Baby Sweater

I finished my cotton baby sweater. It's a cute design, no doubt, but if you don't enjoy weaving in ends and sewing hems, this is probably not the baby sweater for you ;)

Cotton 8/4, needle size 3.0 mm, size newborn.

Sunday, 17 April 2011


I have lot of yarn in my stash, and I have decided to use up yarn that has been lying around for a long time before I'm 'allowed' to buy new yarn :) Lises baby girl, Ella, was next in line for a little handmade something.

I used up all my blue cotton - in fact I had to add extra stribes in purple when I ran out of blue yarn near the end. I even tried to find another ball from the same dye lot, but that wasn't possible. I like the stripes, though. They make the cardigan more girly, I think :)

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Baby Surprise Jacket

Another brilliantly designed baby surprise jackets in 'Smart' from Sandnes. I used a chocolate brown, a dark purple and a multi coloured yarn. It took a while to find the right buttons for this one; it seems that if a shop carries fancy yarn, there are practically no buttons. And if the yarn is no big deal, there are plenty of buttons. I'm not sure I see the logic in this, but if this is the way it works, fine by me :)

This BSJ is quite small, only 9.5 inches long and 8 inches wide across the chest.

A Little Latte

A fellow member of Ravelry asked for a translation of Liselotte's Latte Baby Sweater, and I thought it would be fun to do. Liselotte gave her permission and I began translating. Once the pattern was translated I felt the urge to make one of these cute sweaters myself.

I think this one will go to baby Birdie :)

Birdie Bitten

Two weeks ago Birdie Bitten entered this world. We went by her house to see her with our own eyes; she was wonderful. I knew her parents hadn't bought a lot of baby stuff for her, so I made as much baby clothes I could - I only had a couple of weeks because so many of our other friends had babies too and they all deserved a little something on their arrival.

Birdie Bitten's parents aren't set on particular colours, so I just dug in the stash and grabbed what was there. I avoided wool since this is a vegan family and thus animal fibres aren't their first choise. Instead I rely on banana, soy, cotton, acrylics, etc.

Here is what I managed to finish in time for Birdie Bitten's first birthday:

Yarn: Cheval Blanc Mimosa, dark and light blue. Needlesize: 4.0 mm.

Yarn: Cheval Blanc Mimosa, beige and dark grey. Needlesize: 4.0 mm.

A scrap of bright pink yarn that has been lying around for quite some time. I never actually paid anything for this yarn - I was given to me during a knitting lesson at the local museum. Just saying... With the baby pink owl button I think it turned out very cute. And Birdie Bitten's dad noticed it, pointed and smiled. Succes.

A mix of cotton yarns...

The two bibs and baby cap were the only things I went out and bought new yarn for - organic baby cotton suitable for spring/summer clothes. I found the pattern for the bibs here, and the pattern for the baby caps here.