Tuesday, 27 May 2008


My finger hurts - why? Actually, I don't know. It began on Saturday. I had been knitting, then I went downstairs to clean the loo. Five-ten minutes later I felt something in my finger and looked down. As I was looking at it, it swelled and turned very blue. Half an hour later it began to tinkle and hurt. I phoned the emergency service and they asked me to come to the emergency ward right away. Moe and I waited for almost an hour - precious knitting time completely wasted.
I was not far from sleeping when a nurse called my name. The doctor - a very nice man probably in his mid or late 60s - asked if I had been playing handball or something, which was not the case. He said that my finger was a very typical 'ball finger' - it had suffered an injury that many ball players face at some point. He also said that to get a finger that bruised you'd have to hit i hard in one quick backward motion. I really don't recall hitting my finger. You'd remember a thing like that, wouldn't you?
I'll be just fine - I only worry about knitting. I can still knit but not too well. It's a good thing you - as a knitting - rely on both hands and not just one stupid finger :) Holding a pencil is a whole other story!

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Else said...

Av - det lyder ikke for godt Karin og jo medmindre du har hypermobile led, så vil jeg mene du ville bemærke slaget... Håber det går bedre. God bedring.