Monday, 5 May 2008

A sigh of relief!

I don't think there's really any way that I can possibly explain to you just how relieved I am right now! But imagine yourself waiting for cannibals to eat you alive, you lie there with carrots between your toes, spices all over and there are chips on the side too - and then suddenly, you're rescued!

Fandango had another ball of yarn for me - the right colour and the right dye lot, sweeeeet! :)

I'm picking it up this afternoon (I mean, what if there's another "me" out there who walks in and claims MY ball of perfect wool?! - we don't want that to happen...).

My cardigan will love me, and I will love it right back Y


Lise aka Pindsvinet said...

Uh ha... Jeg kan ånde lettet op! Det var da dejligt :)

Karin aka Guin said...

Ja, det er helt perfekt :)