Thursday, 19 June 2008

I won!

On WWKIP day Sys from Fandango told me that the following Tuesday we would compete for Louisa Harding kashmir yarn. With the cockiest attitude ever I told her that there would be no need for this competition; the yarn would be mine no matter what! Sunday and Monday went, and Tuesday came. Too much work almost kept me from showing up. But then I remembered that knit night is 3 hours of relaxation - and God knows I need that these days. Off I went.
I was a weee bit late but with a perfect parallel parking (you know when you get out of the car and take the time so simply admire your own parking skills there for a sek? if not, never mind) I managed to get there on time.
Everyone drew a slip with a number on it from a bowl. I dug in and got lucky number 5. In a cocky fashion I showed my competitors the "winning" number and let them know that they would lose big time. They all disagreed ;) I then told them that they would soon enough experience enlightment ;) The atmosphere was so laid-back and cheerful, and we laughed a lot while chatting, knitting, eating strawberries, drinking coffee and such. Boy, do I love these knit nights!

After a while Sys drew out the winning number from a purse of some sort and declarede that it was NUMBER FIIIIIVE!
Sweet mother of holy kashmir!! The yarn was now mine.... mine, mine, mine :D
The other ladies there sat with their mouths open and could not believe that this annoying and overly confident pain-in-the-neck knitter won the luxury packaged.
Let me show you what I got.

That's right - not only did I win 10 balls of this wonderful red kashmir yarn in DK weight, I also got the Louisa Harding magazine to go with it. I could and will not ask for more :)

Now I have to find out how the yarn should be used. I did a quick scan of some of the models in the magazine. Tough choise, I'm telling you. I'm open to suggestions. _________________________________________________


Tone said...


Karin aka Guin said...

He! Ja, det kommer vi nok ikke udenom, Tone ;)

floderten said...

Tillykke med garnet! :P Jeg sad netop og spekulerede på hvem der vandt det, og ved du hvad, det undrer mig overhovedet ikke du fik det!! ;)
Jeg er *næsten* lidt glad for jeg ikke vandt det - jeg har simpelthen ikke plads *overhovedet*, og så kan jeg slet ikke lide rød. Så godt det gik til dig! :) Hvor er du heldig. Glæder mig til at se hvad du laver af det!