Tuesday, 7 April 2009


Today I got up at around eight and had my breakfast in the downstairs dining room. Not long after, I headed into town. I must say that a rain jacket and my new waterproof shoes were needed right away. Regardless of the weather I really enjoyed strolling along without much to do :)

Wet, but not at all too cold.

From my book about Shetland I knew that Commercial St. would be the place to go if I wanted to go shopping. Every time I saw signs of knitting - either knitwear or yarn - I went in. I spoke to the shop owners about fair isle knitting lessons and they were all most kind; they phoned around to see if anybody knew more than they did. This one lady at The Spiders Web gave me the name of somebody who supposedly teach knitting at the school in town. I went out to her office in the other end of Lerwick - Shetland Arts at the Bolt Shopping Centre. Unfortunately she was on holiday but will be back Thursday. I left a note with my phone number, and her friendly co-worker promised to let her know about my visit. I also went to the tourist office, and again I must say, people here are very friendly and most helpful. And no one seem to think that knitting is weird or out of fashion :)

On my way back I stopped a few times and took some photos.

Not many came to the park today :)

It stopped raining and the sun came out.

A knitter's survival kit.


Lise said...

Hvor er det spændende at følge med :) Det lyder som om, du har fået det helt rigtig tøj med. Og tillykke med dine færdige shibui-sokker. Har du købt noget garn?

Karin aka Guin said...

Hej Lise! Ja, tøjvalget var helt rigtigt :) Jeg har endnu ikke købt garn - kun bogen, du kan se på billedet (og alt det andet, der er på det billede ;)

Nina said...

Hej Karin

Håber du nyder det!! Det ser i hvert fald skønt ud - også med regn og blæst. Er på vej til Bymuseet... vi vil savne dig! Men nyd det nu rigtigt meget. Glæder mig til at høre mere om din tur.
Knus Nina