Wednesday, 8 April 2009


North of Shetland there's an island called Unst. This morning I met a middle-aged couple, Irene and Tony Mouat, from Unst in the dining room. They were there when I came down and they greeted me with a friendly 'good morning - how are you this morning'. I had brought my Dean Koonz book with me but that soon seemed quite unnecessary since both Irene and Tony kept me company chatting away. They were real nice people telling me about Unst, the vikings, knitting and all sorts of things like that. I listened with great interest. Tony told me to take notice of a piece of knitted lace that is on display at the Sumburgh Airport; Irene knitted it many years ago. He expressed some dissatisfaction with the fact that it was white and also placed on a white background so you can't really see all the fine details in it. I could tell Tony, Irene and I understood each other on more than one level :)
At one point Tony got up and left the dining room. He soon after came back with a brochure in his hand. It showed their B&B on Unst and they told me to please stop by their house if I would ever come to the island. I might just do that :)

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