Sunday, 17 May 2009

Shibui Spring Forward - frogged!

I've had half a Spring Forward sock lying around for the better part of six months. Or longer. Things went just fine until I reached the heel part. I had done the heel flap a all of a sudden things went wrong. More than once have I heard other knitters tell me how easy this is to knit, and I would agree had it not been for the fact that this yarn-pattern alliance has been cursed from the very beginning!
After doing the heel flap it seem impossible to get back on track on the lace part of the sock. I tried over and over and over again. Smoke, but no cigar! And finally when all fun had been sucked out of this project I decided to frog the bastard! There! Have it your way, stupid curse!

Poor Shibui Sock. I don't think it likes being a ball. I'll have to find another pattern sooner rather than later.
It's sad; I didn't even managed to take a proper picture of it - the colours are completely off. Poor Shibui Sock....

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