Monday, 1 June 2009

Another year went by

I had such a perfect birthday. The weather was brilliant!
I spent the day with Moe, my parents and my neighbor. We had coffee and cake in the garden under our apple tree, and later on tuna steaks followed by ice cream on the sunny terrace. I received overwhelmingly many texts on my mobile, and Moe and I ended the day at a friend's place; we had a handful of drinks washed down with 80's and 90's club hits (God, I hated those songs!). All in all, everything I wanted for my birthday :)

I got this gift certificate from Moe - nice! :)

And this is the birthday present from me to me! Thank you, me :)
I bought it a couple of days ago. The setting was perfect: my birthday was just around the corner AND I was feeling a bit sorry for myself - I my world that means yarny stuff is coming my way.


Lise said...

Fedt garn ;) Hvor købte du lækkerierne?

Karin aka Guin said...

i Garngalleriet i Ry :)