Sunday, 7 June 2009

Nutkin Socks - before frogging

I can't seem to knit a proper pair of socks with this green Shibui sock yarn that I love so much. I've spent hours knitting but the result is not really useful in any way. Several times I tried to finish the Spring Forward socks - that didn't work out. I simply could not get back on track after having finished the heel flap - why? dunno. So after getting really frustrated I frogged that and decided to try a completely different pattern - the Nutkin. I thought the pattern and yarn would go hand in hand together and I knitted like mad for a couple of days. When trying it on frustration came right back to me: it does not fit AT ALL. It's way too tight and mind you, I have a narrow, bony foot, and I've done exactly what the pattern said. And still - it just doesn't fit. Could it be that my green Shibui love is cursed?!

The Nutkin will be frogged too. No doubt. I'll wait for Sock Innovation by Cookie A. to turn up on my doorstep, and when it does (they said 3-5 workdays from now) I'll decide on yet another pattern.

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