Wednesday, 24 June 2009


After enjoying the luxury of a lovely (and expensive) brunch down town, Lise and I headed up to the town museum. A few other knitters had made their way up there as well. We began knitting and soon after more knitters joined us. There where many familiar faces but also a couple of new ones - very nice.
Lise and Nina - chatting, not knitting ;)

Bente, Agnete, Majke, Inger and an unknown artist :)

Knitters knitting away!

Unfortunately, I had to leave early. My parents-in-law were celebrating their 25th anniversary, and the day before WWKIP day it was decided that we should turn up early, so the family could have their picture taken before all the guests arrived.
Ever since they sent out the invitation I had made it crystal clear that under no circumstances would I be able to arrive hours before all the other guest; somehow I lost that 'battle'..... major disappointment!

I did enjoy the two hours of WWKIP day, though :)

However, next year I simply refuse to participate in anything other than WWKIP day that particular day. I don't care if you decide to get married or something... I WON'T BE COMING!

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