Friday, 24 July 2009

Tristan Tetsuo Jeremy Fujiwara Andersson

Great names, don't you think? :) They belong to the little guy who got the brown/turquoise cardigan and the light green hat and socks (the cardigan in particular made his mother freak out a bit... in a good way, fortunately).
Tristan and I met for the first time yesterday - I liked him right away and he didn't seem too unhappy with me either. Pheeew! ;) Tristan is only 12 days old but already a charming boy that I will keep knitting for. Needless to say that my knitting bag is now full of browns, greens, blues, etc.


Fie said...

That's a very nipponified name. No wonder his mother loved the things you knitted for him, they look gorgeous.

Karin aka Guin said...

With a Japanese mother and all, we sort of expected it to be that way :) Thanks for the complement!

Fie said...

A Japanese mother? Poor him, I know all about those. They mellow out when they get older though ;)