Friday, 26 February 2010

Back from the UK

We had such a fantastic time in England last weekend. I laughed until my face hurt! Saturday was spent at the Warwick Castle dungeons - that was the best ever. We - as in Don, his girlfriend Jade, four of Don's five sisters, their boyfriends, a couple of Don's old friends plus Moe and I - were led through the dark and scary dungeons. In each of them there was a little sort of play going on - everything was very much Black Adder-ish! :) I loved every second of it, and birthday boy, Don, got the birthday he wanted, I think :)

The joker snuck up on me! :)

The day after we continued celebrating at one of Don's sister's place. Family and old neighbors came too. We knew almost everybody, which gave it a 'back in the days' feel to it. Nice!

Birthday boy having his Aston Martin cake and eating it too.

Besides celebrating Don we also had time to just go for a nice, long walk, do a bit of shopping and enjoy a lovely Thai meal at the Sabai Sabai restaurant. I had hoped to bring a lot of books back with me but neither the yarnshop nor Waterstones carried any of the knitting books I was after. I did buy a few other things, though :)

My new buddy and I :)

On our way from Leamington to Warwick - one of my favorite places.

Rowan Handknit Cotton for a throw I plan to make, a crochet hook size 2.5 mm (half price compared to those in Denmark), the Sew It Up book that will - hopefully - teach me the basics and possibly more about sewing (I know nothing so succes is inevitable), a knitting magasine, stitch markers (a tenth of the price here), 105 little skeins of embroidery yarn (£1.99 - can you believe it?!) and the dark thing at the bottom is my current project; a pair of socks for my farther-in-law.


Tine said...

Velkommen hjem.
Lyder til at det har været en super god tur.
Og lidt godt fik du da med hjem, selv om det ikke var mange
bøger :-(

Karin aka Guin said...

Tak, Tine - rigtig god tur, ja :) Mht. bøgerne, så tager jeg revance på nettet, når der igen er penge på kontoen!