Sunday, 5 September 2010

The Sailer's Cardigan

I've had quite a few balls of Vital from Hjertegarn (100% wool, superwashed) lying around for the better part of a year. During lunch one day I flipped through a magazine and found a nice pattern for a cardigan. Colour, gauge, etc. turned out to be just right for the yarn, and Tristan is getting bigger and bigger and he will soon be needing a warm jacket, or cardigan at least.

The cardigan is size 2 years - Tristan is only 14 months old, but he's a big boy. And growing :)


Tine said...

Hvor er den bare blevet fin.
Sjovt, for jeg har også lige lavet en sømand, dog i str. 8 år :-)

hanne said...

skøn!!! hvilken opskrift har du brugt ??