Saturday, 9 April 2011

Birdie Bitten

Two weeks ago Birdie Bitten entered this world. We went by her house to see her with our own eyes; she was wonderful. I knew her parents hadn't bought a lot of baby stuff for her, so I made as much baby clothes I could - I only had a couple of weeks because so many of our other friends had babies too and they all deserved a little something on their arrival.

Birdie Bitten's parents aren't set on particular colours, so I just dug in the stash and grabbed what was there. I avoided wool since this is a vegan family and thus animal fibres aren't their first choise. Instead I rely on banana, soy, cotton, acrylics, etc.

Here is what I managed to finish in time for Birdie Bitten's first birthday:

Yarn: Cheval Blanc Mimosa, dark and light blue. Needlesize: 4.0 mm.

Yarn: Cheval Blanc Mimosa, beige and dark grey. Needlesize: 4.0 mm.

A scrap of bright pink yarn that has been lying around for quite some time. I never actually paid anything for this yarn - I was given to me during a knitting lesson at the local museum. Just saying... With the baby pink owl button I think it turned out very cute. And Birdie Bitten's dad noticed it, pointed and smiled. Succes.

A mix of cotton yarns...

The two bibs and baby cap were the only things I went out and bought new yarn for - organic baby cotton suitable for spring/summer clothes. I found the pattern for the bibs here, and the pattern for the baby caps here.

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