Monday, 3 March 2008

I should be ashamed of myself!

A few days ago - last Thursday I think was - I told Pindsvinet that I would refrain from buying more yarn for at least 3 weeks, since our big buy-a-lot-of-yarn-from-all-the-LYSs-in-the-city-tour is only two weeks from now and my stash is very much visible to the naked eye. And I was doing so well...
... until today; I spent most of my weekend imagining different scenarios that would prevent me from going to work, for instance that a) I was unemployed, b) a blizzard would sweep across the country, or c) aliens had taken me to Yarn Harlot's wonderful place in the middle of the night. None of those things happened - so quite disappointed I got up and went to work. And because I felt that I had just been had by fate I bought some yarn! Good bye 'no yarn for me'-plan. The amazing thing is that it helped right away though I did feel just a touch of guilt at first. It soon wore off and now - six hours later - I still feel the effect of my latest purchase :)

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