Thursday, 22 May 2008

A red cardigan for Lea


The cardigan is done. I'm not completely satisfied with the outcome. In spite of the fact that I made sure all the yarn came from the same dye lot, the cardigan looks as if I had made an attempt to ignore dye lot numbers as much as possible! Not good. I'll give it to Lea anyway - she probably won't mind. It's for a 1.5/2-year-old, which means that she will be too small or the cardigan will be too big. Either way, the two of them will fit each other at some point :)

Pattern: a pattern with no name from 'Strik til de små', vol. 8.
Yarn: idena Cotton Lux
Skeins: 4.5
Needles: 3.0 I think
Start to finish: May 5 to May 18
For: Lea (I'm one of her godmothers, that's why)

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