Thursday, 22 May 2008


I finished the cardigan - yay! :) I plan on using it as some sort of summer jacket on chilly days and nights. It was a joy to knit and even though it took quite some time to finish, I wouldn't mind making another one similar to it. The yarn is extremely soft.... and warm. I know it's supposed to be - it is woll, after all, but still. Since Moe wasn't here when I felt the urge to perpetuate it, I had to both wear the cardigan and take the pictures of it, so you'll have to excuse the poor artistic quality of the visual evidence.


Pattern: Frost Flower, 'Feminin Strik' by Lene Holme Samsøe
Yarn: Cool Wool 2000, colour 413
Skeins: around 18 = 900 g
Needles: 3 + 3.5
Start to finish: February 5 to May 20.
For: moi
Overall judgement: it's my new best friend :)


Tone said...

Så fin den ble Karin! Det var jammen bra at du fant mer garn i samme innfarging!

Karin aka Guin said...

Hej Tone! Tusind tak - jeg er også rigtig glad for den :) Og ja, det var meget heldigt, jeg fik fat i det rigtige farveparti; jeg tror faktisk, jeg fik det aller-aller-sidste nøgle!

Else said...

Karin - hvor er den bare blevet skøn :)