Sunday, 15 June 2008


Saturday was spent at the Town Museum of Aarhus. Great day!

We stayed in all day because the weather was somewhat unpredictable. I didn't mind although it would have been nice to sit outside saying hello to people passing by on the path between the museum and the stream that winds its way from one end of Aarhus to another. Maybe next year.
Some of the knitters there were from SSS others were representing no-one but themselves, which was just as good.
In total Lise (bottom picture - she's working on this beautiful sock that makes me what to knit socks though I'm not very good at it) and I knit for 7 hours. I had brought three different things to work on, but I never did let go of the skirt I recently fell in love with. It's designed by Ruth Sørensen, and it's called 'Hyld' (Elderflower). You can see Ruth's version right here. I wish I could say that after 7 hours of intense knitting the skirt is finished and ready to wear; but no such luck, I'm afraid. I'm not even half way there. Perhaps in a few weeks or so.... or months ;)
Back to the WWKIP day. I really had a good time. There was a lot of knitting and chatting going on. Many familiar faces and many unfamilar ones - I enjoyed both. It all made me wonder: Why on earth is there only one single WWKIP day per year? I don't get it. I realise that if we did this kind of thing every week, it would probably lose its magic. However, I strongly believe that we could - without jeopardising the whole thrill of the event - do this, say, twice a year. I would definitely be there :)
The museum closed at 5 p.m. and Lise and I were the last ones to leave. It's always "just one more row" with us ;) I came home sat down on the sofa and began (continued?) to knit. Big surprise, eh?


Else said...

Hvor ser det hyggeligt ud Karin - var I indendørs noget af tiden? Vi havde en del regn mens vi knoklede i haven...

Karin aka Guin said...

Ja, så kom der lige lidt forklaring til billederne :)
Vi blev indendørs - det var jo faktisk rigtigt godt strikkevejr!