Thursday, 29 January 2009

Shetland - here I come

You wouldn't believe it if I told exactly how difficult it is to get a ticket from Denmark to Shetland - so I won't! But trust me, it was difficult alright!! I got Moe to help me, we wrote almost all flights down (yes, all flights in the world!) and search the entire Internet. And finally, I got my tickets at a reasonable price even.
I'll be leaving on April 5 and return the following Saturday - April 12 or something.
Now I need to find a place to stay. Judging from the amount of time spent looking for plane tickets, my guess is that there won't be any other people anywhere near Shetland so I'm not in a hurry :)
But if you do know the perfect place to stay near Lerwick, do tell :)

6 days of knitting... I can't wait to go!!! :D


Else said...

Sikke stort et arbejde Karin - håber virkelig at du får en skøn strikkeferie!!
Har givet dig en award:

Irene said...

Det skal ik`være nemt :-) Men du får sikkert en superstrikkeferie:-) Hvordan vil du iøvrigt fragte alt det garn, du sikkert køber hjem?? Betale for overvægt :D