Sunday, 12 April 2009

Going Back

I'm back in Denmark.

I wasn't beamed back like they do it on Star Trek - would have been nice though.
Friday evening I packed my stuff. Not an easy task!! Had it not been for my new rucksack that is slightly bigger than the old one it would have been impossible to fit everything in there! It was like pushing an elephant through a sieve! Without breaking needles and such, mind you.

Without eating anything for breakfast - there wasn't time for it - I drove to the airport. I enjoyed the drive and many times along the way I heard myself go "wow!". The landscape is just amazing. You have to go there yourself to really comprehend what it is I'm talking about. I cannot explain it to you using words or photos. You have to go there yourself. It's that simple.

When I got to the Sumburgh Airport it was closed! It didn't open until 8 a.m., which reminded me that this isn't London, it's Sumburgh :) On Sundays it opens at 10 a.m., just so you know :)

Remember how Tony Mouat, who I met in the dining room at the Alderlodge Guest House, had told me about the lace shawl his wife, Irene, had knitted many years ago? And that it was kept in a showcase at the airport? Well, I found it! A lovely piece of work and art.

From Shetland I flew to Edinburgh. From Edinburgh to Heathrow (London). From Heathrow to Copenhagen, and from there I took a (three hour) train to Aarhus. I caught the last bus to our house. I was home twenty past midnight with a snotty nose due to 16 hours in air con. But it was just the vacation I was after - I'm so glad I went :)


Tone said...

Velkommen hjem igjen! Jeg synes du har hatt en deilig tur. Som du har sagt tidligere, det er flere grunner enn garnet til å dra til Shetland. Du har vært en god ambassadør, du har forsterket mitt ønske om å ta med familien og dra. Vakker og frisk natur lokker - og kanskje litt garn?

Ha en fortsatt god påske!

Karin aka Guin said...

Tak, Tone! Tag bare afsted, naturen - og garnet - venter ;) God påske til dig også!