Sunday, 12 April 2009

Favorite Fibers

To begin with Lise wasn't sure if she wanted me to buy some lovely Shetland wool on her behalf. I asked her again and she said thanks, but no thanks. But then she changed her mind! ;)

And good for her. I know how much she luuuuuves Shetland wool so it felt like going against nature not bringing something back for her. She had only seen the shades that Jamieson's carry so it was up to me to try and find similar colours down at J&S's. I did my best, and here's what I got....I love those colours!

Well, I don't what to spoil the fun for Lise telling you all about this yarn and the project that lies ahead. Just note how much yarn I took home with me ;)


Tine said...

Ja, hvis hun ikke bliver glad, så er hun da et skarn!
Hvor er det da nogle lækre farver og det ser så dejligt blødt ud.

Keyamoni said...

Those are nice.

Lise said...

Det ser godt ud. Jeg glæder mig til at se og mærke rigtigt på sagerne ;)