Thursday, 9 April 2009

On the road again

I've stayed in Lerwick for the past couple of days, so today was the day that I was going to see what was outside the city walls, so to speak. I wasn't too confident about the driving, and I felt I should somehow warn people on the road. But, it went just fine. Perhaps I'm a better driver than I think :) I didn't wreck the car or hit anybody, and that must be in the 'good' category, right?

I stopped once or twice because the landscape was so beautiful - the weather had also improved significantly. And I thought I'd just take a pic of myself as well :)

Here's the car - my new friend. The sheep on the right was just one of many many sheep near the road. I saw fences all over the place but they had sheep on both sides! It was a slow drive at that point.

After about half an hour the road got so narrow that there was only room enough for one car - and trust me you wouldn't be able to drive past anybody on those roads if you rode a bike! See the sign in the photo? It says that here's some spare space in case you meet another car. Those spaces come in handy :) And when you do meet other people, they all give you a friendly wave when passing by.

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Tone said...

Those roads could've been Norwegian ;-)