Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Purchase of the day

Obviously I didn't leave the woolen mill empty-handed. In fact, I bought so much that one bag wasn't enough. I've been on a yarn diet since before Christmas, so it felt good to just go ahead and buy the yarn I wanted (or a little less than that ;) Besides yarn I also bought three patterns, all lace shawls. I'm so happy with what I got! :)

Three different colours of 2 ply lace yarn, 200 g of each of them. Along with 300 g of Natural Shetland, probably a DK weight yarn. All of it is nice and soft :) And as I learned today this is due to a proper sorting of fleece.

Three shawl patterns I just had to have.

The first picture shows super fine and equally soft Shetland wool - the type used for cobweb lace yarn. To the right in the same picture is a piece of fleece taken directly from the one Oliver sorted for me to demonstrate how it was done by hand; it's greasy and smells of sheep - in a nice way, mind you :)
The picture to the right is the same carded wool you saw on the previous picture.


Tine said...

Jeg kan godt forstå at du måtte eje det garn.
Det ser vel nok smukt ud, og i sådan nogle dejlige farver.

Karin aka Guin said...

Hej Tine! Ja, det var kærlighed ved første blik ;)