Wednesday, 8 April 2009

The Shetland Museum

Today was another adventurous day in Lerwick. Yesterday I was thinking that I would spend today in Sandness but I changed my mind. I wanted to see the various artifacts at the Shetland Museum. I can honestly say that this is one of the best museums I've ever visited! And the admission is free! Anyway, I went in and asked about their knitted items, and this extremely friendly man in a fair isle spencer (aka a short vest) nearly fell over his own feet in the attempt to help me :) He quickly offered to show me their textiles (he was already up and on my side of the desk at this point ;) Of course I accepted. He seemed so happy to show me everything and it definitely rubbed off. I was in such a good mood when he left me with a chair, open drawers and glass cases with knitwear, old and new. I spent more time than I had anticipated on the textile section. Afterwards I had a close look around on the rest of the things on that floor. I had lunch in the museum restaurant; seafood chowder with brown bread followed by a scone with jam and a cup of tea. Yum :)
I continued down on the ground floor; it was all about Shetland 5,000 years ago. All very interesting. Of course it was also mentioned that the Orkney and Shetland islands used to be Norwegian/Danish.

So many things to see - a lovely museum.


Tone said...

Shetland museum må definitivt være verdt et besøk, ut fra innlegget ditt. Så heldig du er! Du må gjerne fortsett med innleggene dine mens du er på Shetland, det er interessant å lese og å se bildene.

Lykke til med løpetreningen!


Karin aka Guin said...

Hej Tone! Ja, vi danskere og nordmænd kan altså godt være stolte af vores shetlandske arv ;) Jeg lover at fortsætte blogningen (er det et ord?)- og ja, jeg har faktisk lige været ude at løbe også, mange tak :)

Irene said...

Ja - jeg kan også kun sige, at det museum ser meget spændende ud :-)
Jeg følger også spændt med i din rejseberetning :-)

Tine said...

Sikke spændende det ser ud.
Jeg får helt lyst til at tage afsted :-)