Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Royal Leamington Spa

In less than two weeks Moe and I will be going to England. Going back. I love Leamington - it feels like home to me. Don turns 30 so we'll be seeing everyone and I can't wait.

Obviously, I'll go and buy the things I: A) can't buy here in Denmark, or B) won't buy here in Denmark because they are too expensive.

I made a list:

Vogue Knitting
Knit 1
Books in general
Curry paste and spices
KnitPick's knitpro wires

Unfortunately, the LYS in Leamington doesn't carry KnitPicks at all. What a shame. I'll try and see if I can find the time and go to Coventry. And Warwick. Perhaps there are yarn shops I don't know about?

And no, we will not be travelling with Ryanair! Thank God! :)

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