Monday, 8 February 2010

Spiral Yoke Swatches

So, I was ready to swatch for the spiral yoke sweater. I was sure I would be making this whole sweater on needles size 5.0 mm. My Knitpro couldn't be found anywhere and my jumper needles had turned into a pair of one(!) - once again I found myself spending money on something I knew I had already. In theory I don't need to buy anything knitting related. But that's just a theory.

I began swatching. And then it turns out that the right needle size for this project isn't 5.0 but 4.5 mm! Who would have guessed.... ;)

Left: 5.0
Rigth: 4.5 - the one Moe and I like the best


Pernille said...

åh nej!

Så blir du nødttil at købe flere igen?

Lise said...

Jeg tror, det bliver rigtig godt :D Lækker farve!

Karin aka Guin said...

Jeg har heldigvis p. 4,5 - så ingen ko på isen :)