Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Cold hands and feet

This winter has been cold and it still is.

Mr. Snowball here is obviously doing what he can to keep warm.

White Christmas; it was so cold that we could walk only for about twenty minutes, then we had to go back because our faces hurt so much!

Mogens' niece, Malene, was born in October. When we came back from our little walk she was sound asleep in her pram outside. After some time her mother went out and picked her up. Malene's hands and feet were quite cold when she came back in - I must admit that while she was sleeping I was a bit worried because it was very very very cold outside - so I began knitting mittens and socks for her.

The bright pink yarn doesn't photograph very well, but trust me when I tell you it's pink alright :) Both mother and child were very pleased with the result.

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