Friday, 26 August 2011

Scrap yarn - solving tiny problems

Last year, when we went to Japan, my suitcase died. Sadly. For obvious reasons I had to go buy a new one. Moe never owned a proper suitcase, so he wanted one as well. As it is with most suitcases mine is black and therefore completely unrecognizable. I have tried to come home with somebody else's suitcase once before (when I opened the only thing I saw was dirty boxershorts and 'chocolates for mum' - rather dissappointing when I hoped to find my toothbrush and such!), so to prevent that from happening again, I thought a wee bit of my scrap yarn would come in handy.

When Moe saw my new 'gadget', of course he wanted one too ;) I pointed out to him that since his suitcase is bright orange it wouldn't be hard to recognize at all. But then he pointed out that that wasn't really the point :)

And as always, Moe prefers stripes!


Anonymous said...

Måske skulle jeg adoptere idéen, men på den anden side er min kuffert også orange, og jeg kan altid kende den. Men bare som pynt... ja, det tror jeg.

Tine said...

Genial ide!

Den adoptere jeg vist lige :-)

Karin aka Guin said...

Brug endelig idéen! Det er lidt hyggeligt at se en lille stump af sit garn komme trillende ud på kuffert-båndet.... :)