Saturday, 13 September 2008

Iceland by Stephanie White, Rowan

Another Rowan project on my needles. I can't help it.
I bought the yarn a while ago. I was nice to just pick it from my stash and start knitting.

But boy! This pattern is described in extreme detail - no chart, just an abundance of words and abbreviations! I'm not complaining, I'm just very fascinated :)

If I do feel the need to complain it will most certainly be about the mindless yarn purchase back in March/April. For some reason I bought 7 balls of Rowan Cocoon for this project. Seven! What was I thinking! I need 9 and now it's sold out. The shop owner has promised me to phone some of the other shops that carry Rowan yarns. I don't understand it. Okay, I know I can be that stupid (I've proved it many many times, so no puzzle there) But hello, it's bulky, warm and not something you want to knit with sweaty palms... It's been summer uptil now. How can it be sold out???

I probably won't get yarn from the right dye lot. I can live with that. I'll use the new yarn for the bottom rib; it will be just fine. But in case you sit there and think: "Hey wait, I have a couple of Rowan Cocoon balls, col. 808 Tundra, dye lot no. 2131 and I'll never ever use it for anything...." well, pop me an email, okay? ;)

In spite of everything I'm still very much in love with this sweater.

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