Friday, 19 September 2008


A couple of days ago I went down to Ingers - a yarnshop in the centre of Aarhus - to push my luck just a little further. You see, twice (two times, yes) this year I've bought too little of some very nice but also very expensive Rowan yarn and now I'm on the lookout for that same yarn (colour, dye lot, etc.). And since Inger - the shop owner - is the only one around here with a shop that carries Rowan yarn, well, I went down to see her.

While I was in the shop she phoned up shops around the country. After having talked to three or four shop owners, who were all unable to help me out (not only did they not have the right dye lot or colour, no, they didn't even have Rowan Cocoon or Rowan Scottish Aran Tweed DK in their shop). I must admit that I felt somewhat discouraged at that point.

Inger then phoned Sommerfuglen in Copenhagen and struck gold.... or at least the right Rowan yarn! The Scottish Tweed was from a different and (in my mind) wrong dye lot but I suppose it will have to do. Otherwise I have 10 balls of not at all useful yarn aka £65 / $130 lying in a corner that you can't spend on anything else. Anyway, one ball of the Scottish Aran Tweed was ordered (if you have two balls of Scottish Aran Tweed, col. 19, dye lot 308 lying around that you just cannot stand the look of, well.... :)
Sommerfuglen really came to my rescue: they also had Rowan Cocoon! I couldn't believe that after having phoned the entire country, there was still this one shop left that had everything I dreamed of. And - can you believe this - the Cocoon was from the right dye lot!
Yesterday the package arrived :D


Else said...

Karin du skal vist til at lære at købe et ekstra nøgle garn ;)
Men godt at I endelig fandt garnet hos sommerfuglen - er farveforskellen let at se eller kan du ikke se det med det blotte øje?

Karin aka Guin said...

Hej Else - Jeg kan vist ikke lære det... ;) Jeg tror desværre, farveforskellen viser sig, når jeg begynder at strikke af det. Vi får se!

Nina said...

Fedt! Så vil jeg glæde mig til at se det færdige resultat ;)