Saturday, 27 December 2008

And so this is Christmas

- and I've decided that I deserve an extra present.... ho ho ho! Actually two extra presents. Ego present no. 1: For the past two-three months I've been looking at Phildar magazines online and I still feel the need to own the Autumn and Winter editions. Ego present no. 2: I luuuuuuve KnitPicks. You see that chart keeper right there at the very top of the page - It's a 'must have'. I can't promise that that's the only thing I'll order from KnitPicks. I'll try though..... ho ho ho! ;)

I've bought another present for myself that will arrive in the beginning of January. It would probably be wrong of me to claim that I'm in desperate need of (more) yarn. However, so many other people are, and I'm just helping them turn some of that lovely yarn into wearable things ;) Beth and Juster - very good friends of mine - are doing a great job carrying all that yarn with them from the US to Denmark. How can I ever thank them enough. Must think.

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