Tuesday, 30 December 2008


Since Christmas is more or less over, it should be safe to flash some of the knitted things I gave away this year.

These socks - the Pomatomus by Cookie A. - were for my mother. She's a knitter herself, so I knew she would appreciate them the way they deserve to be appreciated :)
The socks were fun to knit and the pattern was really well-written; no weird comments that make you go: "Huh?!!", which was nice considering the fact that I didn't have much time on my hands to begin with.
I used Ingelise Strømpegarn for this project which is a 80% wool and 20% nylon blend.

Moe also got a pair of socks, though his sock are the homie, bulky type of socks. I suppose they serve as slippers. The day before Christmas it was Moe's birthday - I gave him a Nintendo Wii. God knows we have a house full of gadgets, but I knew he would be pleased :) Because the Wii was quite expensive it was a combined birthday / Christmas present. Moe was more than okay with that, since we both think people, in general, spend far too much money during Christmas time. So, the only thing he got for Christmas was these bulky socks.... he knew that. He also knew that I was not going to be able to actually finish them in time; one day late! But hey, so little time and so many things to do, right...
The yarn is Norvegia knit on needle size 4.5 mm. A so-called quick knit.

The socks for Moe weren't the only ones I didn't finish in time. I made a pair of dark grey socks for my dad. After having finished the heel on sock no. 2 I suddenly began to doubt if they would fit. I tried one sock on and thought: "sure it will fit!", but as soon as I started knitting on the second sock I just couldn't decide if they were going to be too small after all. For almost two months it bugged me. On Christmas eve I told my dad that 'of course I made you a pair of socks too!', only I didn't finish them quite yet. So he tried the first one on and it fit perfectly. The next day I finished the second one. I spoke to him today and he claimed that these socks, made with Regia Silk, would definitely change his life for the better! ;)
Though such a statement was probably a wee bit over the top, I must admit that Regia Silk is the best and smoothest sock yarn ever. Regia's colour chart is not my favorite dish; I so reminds me of the old DDR (I don't mean to offend anyone - and please believe me, when I say that Germany has given me so much over the years :) Anyway, I will knit many many Regia Silk socks in the future, I'm sure. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of my dad's new socks. You'll just have to trust me on this one :)

My mother-in-law got these potholders. I don't get it: my mother-in-law is somewhat old-fashioned; she lives to serve her family :) So she cooks all the time and yet she has no potholders! Whenever I'm cooking in her kitchen I wonder if I'm supposed to just endure the pain when I take out hot pots and pans from the oven or if there is some secret trick to this. A few months ago I wanted to give her the day off so I offered to cook for the entire family: beef rump, beetroot/apple salat, pointed cabbage, dressing, potatoes and sauce. The cooking process was fine but I constantly needed the none-existing potholders!! My father-in-law said: "why don't you just use a dishcloth?" (Because dishcloths are for...... DISHES?!). Oh well, I though to myself that this is a (my?) problem and it needs to be solved asap :) So here they are - crocheted cotton that will keep you out of the emergency ward ;)

I also wanted to give Moe's sister, Kirsten, a shawl for Christmas but I ran out of time. I'll make something for her birthday in March instead.

This Turn a Square hat was originally meant to become my dad's new hat but holy Christmas gnome, did he look silly! Moe already has a new hat, so he didn't need it. I told Moe to pass it on to one of his hat-less friends.

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