Saturday, 3 January 2009

By the way!

I know that there are knit nights around in cafés and yarn shops, etc. But that doesn't mean that there are too many knit nights, does it? So preferably in February (first or second Saturday of the month) I intend to host a private knitting 'event' of some sort. To make things a bit easier for me - and more demanding on your part - I might suggest that you bring something to the 'dinner table', e.g. biscuits. Knitters low on sugar..... yikes! Oh, and bring your own knitting. I know I have a huge stash of yarn but it's not up for grabs! So far, so good. If you think this sounds at all appealing and you actually consider showing up, please let me know which Saturday of the two above-mentioned days you'd prefer. And please let me know if you DO show up :)

Back to the actual knitting.

Roger over and out.


Lise said...

Lyder godt :) Jeg vil gerne komme. Kan vist nok begge dage.

Nina said...

I'm ready!

Inge said...

Jeg vil også gerne være med, uanset hvilken dag :)