Monday, 26 January 2009


So I called to ask about my Vogue Knitting magazines.
I suspected they would tell me that a) my magazine was lost in the mail, or b) it's on its way. However, that's not exactly how it went.
The guy from tells me that they have had a lot of problems with Vogue Knitting; about 50% of the magazines never reached the end-user. And because it had been such a hassle for such a long time, they didn't even sell those magazines anymore. Great! :(
Originally Vogue Knitting was sent directly to me from the UK. The weirdest thing is that some 'clever' person in the UK decided that 'no, I won't send the actual Vogue Knitting, I'll give her this 'Knit 1' instead - she obviously likes knitting a lot, so I guess she won't mind the least freakin' bit'.... or something.
I should probably mention something good by now....
Okay, the good thing here is that they never charged me for these random magazines.
Back to the bad stuff: I still want my Vogue Knitting!!!

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